Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hero Truck Camper Saves

Saturday morning the residents at the end of the cul-de-sac woke up to a disturbing emergency. Mr. and Mrs. Gish had a family breakfast to attend at 9am across town and there was no hot water.  Their 2006 Lance 1030 Truck Camper rushed to the rescue by providing hot water and safety for morning showers.

“I was beside myself,” Mr. Gish said when prompted for a statement, “I just could not go to breakfast without a shower and a shave. It would have been too embarrassing.”

During the night, the aged water heater in the home had sprung a small leak that let all the hot water out. The offending unit was located next to a drain, which contributed to the success of resolving the emergency. Later inspection revealed little to no damage to personal items or property other than the water heater itself. The offending water flow was terminated at the outer wall of the basement. Arrangements have been made for a new unit to be installed Monday afternoon.

“I need to drive down to the local camp ground and dump the tanks,” Mr. Gish conveyed “then we can boondock in the driveway until Monday.”  Mrs. Gish seemed unphased by the whole event.

Thanks go out to the truck camper once again for making a family emergency seem like a non-event.

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