Friday, February 5, 2010

Two weeks in... snow on the ground

My torklift tie downs came in this week. Haven't been able to install them yet. Took the new truck in for a servicing, got the transmission fluid and filters changed along with oil, lube and full check out. Found out where they hid the engine block heater plug finally. Supposed to be -2 one night next week, so I'll start plugging it in. Woke up to an inch of snow and more coming this morning.

I drive 38.9 miles to work a 12 hour shift 4 days a week. I needed to work late one night earlier in the week, kind of wished I'd have had the camper. Course its a little cold this time of year in Kansas to be in the camper, but another couple months and it'll be real option. There's a lake 5 miles from work, I may look into setting up camp once in a while during the summer and working from there.

Hurry up spring already!

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