Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunshine and Progress

It hit 43 degrees today, most of the ice is gone, a bit of snow lingering here and there. It was enough to get me out of the house. I got the 5th wheel out of the truck and the Torklift camper tie downs installed. The installation was not that difficult, although the wire tool supplied with the kit used for fishing the bolts through the frames was less than spectacular. The end of the wire came off 3 times leaving me with lost bolts to fish out of the frame. The last time it broke, I never did find the little piece, I had to make a home made version to get the last bolt fished through. The wire in itself is a good idea, but the execution could be better. Bottom line, its done, bolts torqued to 55lbs just like the instructions say.

Weather man is cautiously predicting 50 degrees next weekend. Can you see the smile from here.

I have a concern, tomorrow I'm going to plug the camper electrics into the truck bed plug and see what happens. I need to be sure there is no draw on the batteries when the truck is not running. Currently there are no batteries in the camper, but it will need juice to the lights so I can drive it. My concern is when I plug it in, will it power the CO2/Fire detector and keep it on all the time, even when the truck is off. One possible solution would be to pull the fuse on it until I get deep cycle batteries installed. When I plug the unit into my 120v house current, it stays on.

I have a total of 6 more working days on the day shift. I start the night shift on the 15th.

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