Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Load

It's finally ON. The weather hit 50 on Friday and I was all over it. Went to a big box home repair store and purchased 2 sheets of 2" pink foam, got it cut and glued together to protect the 5th wheel rails. Works like a charm. Tested the electrics umbilical, it is insulated from the truck batteries when the truck is off, so good to go there.

It took longer to crank the legs up to clear the truck bed that it did to center it, back in and chain it down. Did that yesterday. Today its 50 degrees again and I got to take it for a bath and shake down run.

It fits in my local U-Wash-It bay but its very tight. I did fit under an 11' 6" height clearance sign, so I figure I'll call it 11' 5" from here on out. Kind of hard to get an exact measurement from the ground. Shakedown run... 30 minutes around town running errands, then a 30 mile round trip on the interstate at 70mph. The diesel doesn't even grunt, pulls like there's nothing there. I got more porpoising when I hit potholes than I was expecting. I can see a need for the Ranchero 9000 shocks in the near future. And/or a big fat swaybar. All in all, once at speed on the highway, it handled very well.

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