Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Leaks Again – Future Planning

I’m so excited, we had a really hard rain for 20 minutes the other day and NO ROOF LEAKS. I got the the marker light fixed, it was a bad bulb. Did run through the U Wash It and sprayed off the truck, it was getting some mud around the edges. Still get a little dribble in around the window, but not bad.

I got myself added to: Truck Camper Enthusiast Map this is a map of TC owners around the country who may be able to help a passer through with a place to park for a night or just some local directions. We are all on RV.Net in the Truck Camper Forum.

Spent the day cleaning out the garage, cleaning the gutters and clearing off the back porch. We are currently making mortgage payments on two places so the decisions been made to sell the 3 bedroom single family and move into the townhouse. It will allow me to start saving a substantial amount toward our planned early retirement. I have lots to do to get the house ready for market. Next week its trips to the hazmat drop off, recycler, Goodwill and more items for eBay. I have a bit of foundation work, paint inside and out, carpet and some minor plumbing to do this summer. I think I’m going to look for a 10-12 foot enclosed trailer, everything I intend on keeping will fit in one.  I’ll be leaving a lot of the furniture with the house. It feels good to have a plan and a direction to get where I want to be.

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  1. Great list of things to do! It's smart to have a plan. At this point, my plan is to go around the house and collect things to put in my hefty trash bag. One bag of trash per day times 14 days equals....TOO MUCH JUNK!

    You guys are doing it the smart way!