Thursday, July 1, 2010

Great News

If no news is good news, I have great news. Nothing’s broke, nothing’s wrecked, other than topping off the air in the tires there’s been nothing to maintain over the last month. Camping 4 days out and 4 days home is routine now, all the park rangers at the lake know me by now. My odd hours confuse them, I pull in at 8:30 am and leave for work at 6pm, I can come and go and some days I never see one.

Our week long trip to Oklahoma, Arkansas and back through Branson, MO is now just 3 weeks away. Going to swing in for a fluids change tomorrow at the local dealership, hope that goes well. I’m pretty sure they can fit me in with the camper on, I’m going to try it.

I plan to take lots of photos and blog our trip, it will be fun, can’t wait.


  1. Great Blog, turning the pages right now, though I have to ask, where'd you get that nifty State's Map gadget at?

  2. Steve and Cherie, Thanks for following A Camp Host's Meanderings. I appreciate your interest. I'll look forward to your pictures and blogging from your trip!