Sunday, May 15, 2011

Been a long road… home

It’s been many a moon since I had an entry here, it’s been many a moon since I spent a night in the camper. The summer of 2010 came and went, in October I put in for a transfer, went through an interview process and was selected to a store in the metro Kansas City. In November I came home, and so did the camper.

The camper got winterized and it sat in the driveway all winter as I settled into my new position at got reacclimated to sleeping at home again.

Sping of 2011 and it’s time to do some camping.. here’s where one of the tribulations part comes in (from the title). In April, we got hit by a real bad hail storm and long story short, the camper got hit hard. The insurance company totaled it. As with insurance claims on cars, I was given the option of keeping it and receiving less of a reimbursement. I kept it, have had some repairs done on it, and am getting some more done. It should be ready to hit the road again soon. We have lots of short trips planned this summer, and intend to take a week long trip in July. We’d planned a trip the first week of May, but the service center did not get the unit repaired in a timely manner.

Our trip to Oklahoma and Arkansas last summer went off without a hitch. I must get a story together one of these days about the trip.

Its been a long winter and I can’t wait to get the camper back on the truck and do some overnighters.

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  1. Steve, those of us who tow our trailers call it "hitch itch." I can't think of what we'd call it with campers. But I'm glad to see you're "back." I'm leaving in less than 3 weeks - Montana, Canada, Alaska. Can't wait!