Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hail Repairs

In late March we had a bad hail storm come through the Kansas City area. The camper received extensive damage to all the plastic covers on the roof and a few hundred dents on the front, side and top. The insurance company, yes I had the forethought to insure it, paid a fair sum and totaled it. I chose to keep it and make the weatherproofing repairs and live with the dents. The unit is 19 years old and the interior is in excellent shape so why not keep it and get a few more years out of it. OlatheRV is the only professional repair facility nearby, they bid the repairs and I agreed to allow them to proceed. Repairs consisted of replacing 5 marker light assemblies, a kitchen fan cover, a bath vent cover, the air conditioner cover and the bunk area escape hatch cover. I took it in to them in early April, a full 3 weeks before my scheduled weeks vacation from work. I had called them a couple times trying to get them to start on it. It’s now May 17th and I still don’t have it back.  They called 3 days into my 7 day vacation (May 2) to tell me it was ready for pick up. When I went to get it, I was very disappointed, there was trash in the unit, broken pieces of plastic shards all over the place, tape and parts in the sink and on the floor. I climbed up to inspect the roof, I had used duct tape to secure broken pieces for transport, their tech has used roof sealant to seal the edges of the duct tape I had on escape hatch lid. They could not find a replacement cover for the hatch, this was their idea of a repair. I was not happy.

I got the service manager and expressed my displeasure, he personally cleaned out the inside of the unit. I showed him the hatch cover, he was speechless. Total repairs came to less than two hours labor and less than $350, it took over 3 weeks to get to this point, ruining my vacation plans in the process. He offered to replace the roof hatch for free and get it back to me as soon as they could. That was May 2nd, today I called them and the service manager said, would you consider allowing us to install a 14x14 fan in the opening instead of an escape hatch? I’m thinking, now at what point were you going to call me and ask me that? I agreed and said call me when its ready. I think when I pick it up, that’ll be the last time I’m ever at OlatheRV in Kansas City, for anything.

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  1. Aye, now ya know why I advocate that folks do their own work, most shops are "Bend over and Take it" screw joints these days.