Saturday, May 28, 2011

Its Home

I am so happy, my camper is home from the hospital. The doctors did almost kill it, and I did almost kill the doctors a few times, after 2 months of repair surgeries and recovery, it was well enough to come home. We now have 6 new marker lights, a new in/out remote fan where the bunk escape hatch used to be, a new air conditioner cover and new hatch covers in the bath and kitchen area.

I had a moment yesterday, after no calls and another week going by, I called them. “Mr. Gish we are working on it right now, it will be ready by noon.” At 9am it was raining. You ever get one of those feeling that something is just not right. I got in the truck and drove the 10 miles out to OlatheRV to see if just by chance they had removed the cracked escape hatch and left it open for the rain. Much to my non-surprise the hatch was tilted open, the back door was propped completely open, not a sole in sight, and it was raining in the door on the rug and their tools.

I spoke rather bluntly with the service manager and left as quick as I could.

They called me at 7pm and said it was done, the repairs had been done outside in the rain, and I could come get it. On a good day it takes me 90 minutes to load it (hand crank legs) and tie it down, so I told them I’d be in this morning. The work is cosmetically very good on the inside, they still never cleaned out the bathroom. The sealant is still soft, I got it home and it has rained all day so it has not hardened yet. Maybe in a day or two.

I have some more repairs I want to do, but guess where I’m NOT going to get them done.

If the sun comes out tomorrow, I’m going out to the state park and purge and fill the water system for the summer.

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  1. Well, what's happened since? Ya'll went very quiet after this...