Thursday, April 29, 2010

First LP Gas Fill

One day into this past 4 day stay at the lake I ran out of propane. Temps were in the low 40’s every night so it was COLD in the camper when I came home to go to bed every morning.

Flamingos 008

Good news and bad news here. I have 2 20 gallon Propane tanks, not sure how much I started with but finally drained them both after 4 weeks at the campground. I went to a local shop to get them filled and they would only fill 1 of them. Apparently one of the tanks has an old style valve on it that the state of Kansas via some government funded study has dubiously determined is hazardous to everybody's health and outlawed refilling any tanks with this valve. Where in the Constitution does it say the government has the right to tell me what is good and safe for me and what is not. This tank is perfectly fine. I’m so sick of this stupid government wanting to control everything in everyone's lives. There has yet to be a system of government last forever… and this one is going down the tubes fast. With the way they want to tax, control and direct our day to day lives, the end won’t be pretty. Even the very powerful and mighty Roman empire went down in flames because of over controlling of the peoples. Mark my words, it will happen if things don’t change.

Sorry, where was I… anyways guess I’ll have to find a place that can change the valve on the left tank tank. At least I have heat again, geesh.


  1. Hey Happy Camper, that isn't just Kansas, that's everywhere, if your tank doesn't have the new style valve that limits the amount of propane to 80%. so it can't be overfilled, you either have to have a new valve installed or buy a new tank. I went through that a couple years ago with my 96 5th wheel it was one of the last of the old style valve years, and when I tried to refill them in 2005 I had to replace both valves at the propane dealer or no fill, back then it was $30 a valve. Our new trailer which we got in 2006 had the new style from the factory. I guess it is nation wide, but it is for a safety reason. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Yup, Sam & Donna are right. Better be safe than sorry. Got to have the right valves or no go.
    Get this, today (5-1) we stopped at a Flying J to get our propane tank filled & the guy filling it (must have been new) didn't know you had to open the valve & purge it & then fill it that way too. Plus he asked me if it had "automatic shut off". Duh! I think so!