Monday, April 26, 2010

A little dab of water

Came back to the camper from a couple days at the stick and brick to find a little dab of water standing in a drip tray at the bottom of the large window in the cabover.

It had overflowed a bit, the wood underneath was damp but not enough to get on the bed, pillows or sheets. I positioned the truck tailgate so I could climb up and inspect the window. I had spent some time sealing this specific window a couple weeks ago. The only thing I can figure is the water came in at the lower corners where the large rubber seal has dried out and does not press tight against the glass any longer.

I have ordered 12 feet of new seal for this window over a week ago from Lance, it has not arrived. They must have sent it by stagecoach. I’m confident a new seal will solve this problem. In the mean while, I slathered a bunch of sealant around the bottom corners gapping the glass and rubber. Hope fully this will hold it for few days until I can get the new seal installed.

Almost 2 weeks and the seal is still not here :(


  1. Hang in there! Our first camper was a 19' Wildcat that had sat in the woods for several years. We got it cleaned up, made new curtains, etc., etc. when our kids were young. Had a ball with lots of memories. The trunk on that thing leaked & we could never find where it ran in. Fortunately it never did any real damage to anything except the trunk. We have since owned 2 conversion van campers & now a 40' 5th wheel. We could write book of experiences. Most of them since the 5th wheel. We are on our 3rd awning. That's a long story! All my fault too. Every one of them. Seems like I'm always driving & my husband is riding! But we laugh & go on. As long as no one gets hurt. Have fun & hang in there - you're doing great!

  2. When you look at all the maintenance a stick home requires, and you look at what you put into an RV they more than balance out, Most stick home owners won't admit that , but no matter what you live in something will break. Have fun. Sam & Donna