Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Tea Party

My camper made its way to a little tea party this past week. Here in Kansas City, it was held at the home of the local T-Bones Minor League Baseball Team, Community America Ballpark. The weather was fabulous.

Tea Party 001

With the camper, I had a comfortable escape should I need it. I loaded up the bicycle and went up a few hours before it started and did some exploring around the Legends area. A few of the attractions there to check out are the Kansas Speedway (NASCAR runs a couple weekends a year), there’s a Cabela’s, a Nebraska Furniture Mart (went in and checked out the new 3D TV’s… gave me a headache, think I’ll pass for now), and tons of places to eat and shop.

Tea Party 027

If you look close, you’ll see the Kansas Speedway across the street and the camper right near all the action.


Tea Party 022 Tea Party 024
We had a few folks show up.  


The event went off without incident. There were a dozen or so people running for various local offices there that answered question and talked about what they wanted to do if elected. We had a few songs, a couple preachers talked. Obama’s cousin gave an interesting account of what the health care bill is doing to the health industry. Interesting point he made was how it created 16,000 new IRS jobs and not one single doctor job to take care of all these extra people.

Tea Party 037

Local radio personality Darla Jaye was the Master of Ceremonies.


Tea Party 052 Tea Party 053

One of the big events of the day was a salute and tribute to veterans. It was unbelievable, over 500 veterans filed out of the stands and onto the field for a tribute video and the National Anthem. When it was over, we all filed by a camera for a video of us. It lasted over and hour. Lots of tear all around by the time it was over. Some people get emotional over patriotic things, go figure.

Tea Party 016

Electoral candidates speaking to the crowd.

Tea Party 060

This was a cool truck that was hanging out by the entrance.

Tea Party 043

Just a little flag waving going on.

Tea Party 021

A few vendors selling buttons, stickers and t-shirts.

Tea Party 017

This guy pretty much summed it up.

Tea Party 007

All in all, a fun, feel good day of activities with a group of like minded people.


  1. I'm one of those people who get emotional over patriotic things! Sorry, just my emotional nature! I'm a proud American & was brought up to respect our flag & what it stands for.

  2. Yep, I'm one of those emotional ones too.