Tuesday, April 13, 2010

They Kick Me Out

Rule is, no more than 14 days in the park unless you are on a month to month contract and parked in one of the dedicated long term residents spots. I’m not. Ironically, none of the long term resident spots have any shade to speak of. All are almost bared of foliage of any kind except grass. Here’s the long term area.

Clinton Lake 29Mar10 013
The on-load went very well, with the manual crank legs it takes about 1 1/2 hours to remove the truck bed cover and tonneau rails, crank up the unit, back in and align, drop legs and install tie downs and chain up. Tip for Super Cab owners.. the tailgate will fit nicely behind the seat in the truck! You can can take it along.

I have 5 days/4 nights off, I can return Saturday morning when I get off work. That will work out ok, if I’m too tired to unload, I can just leave it on the truck. Just plug in the city electric, turn on the A/C and go to bed. How easy it that?

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