Friday, April 23, 2010

A Trip to the Marina

Decided to spend an extra day off at the lake instead of hurrying back to Kansas City when I got off work. I drove down to the marina and walked around, I shot a few photos. The crappie are biting, I saw some nice ones on stringers, lots of folks fishing right now.

Marina 023

Marina 033 Marina 034

Marina 032


The water was calm, a storm was brewing, perfect for fishing.

Marina 028

There are furry friends all over the place. I’ve seen as many as 8 deer grazing together in the park area.

Marina 006

Marina 017

Marina 012

The elusive wild turkeys, I’ve seen them several times but have yet to get close enough to get any good photos.

Its been raining for two days now, I hope all is dry inside when I get back. After my next 4 days on, it’ll be time to load up again already. I don’t want my 14 day stay to run out in the middle of a 4 day shift, 12hrs on/12hrs off does not leave much time for fun like loading and unloading the camper and moving between shifts. I am ready to fill the fresh water tank and check out the plumbing system, if all goes well next week when I fill it up, I may try boondocking for a couple nights.


  1. We too have had some rain for the past few days, here in Camp Verde, Arizona but nothing like the rest of the states. You got some great photos, I always love taking photos of boats and wildlife and just about anything else really!

  2. I just realized you are a follower of my blog. I admit I've been lax lately about keeping up-to-date. Traveling again, I will be better I hope.
    I'm confused...What type of job do you do? Obviously you like to hunt & the outdoors. You remind me of my son. But, to him, camping is in a tent & cooking over a fire ring. He's an 18-1/2 yr. Navy guy so his fishing time & camping time are limited to when he isn't deployed. I'll continue to watch your blog & add it to my list. Welcome to our travels.

  3. Okay, I've gone back & read all of your posts. You are really getting into it. You've done your research & are well on your way. Put up your sign that says: Home is where you hook up!

  4. Peggy,
    I am retired Navy, now an Assistant Manager at a Walmart Supercenter. My stick and brick is 50 minutes from work so 1 hour 40 commute on top of a 12-13 work shift. Not to mention diesel at $3 a gallon. The camper allows me to stay at a lake just 6 minutes from work. I work 4 days on, get 4 days off. Saving money and enjoying no commute.

  5. Funny thing, I don't hunt, and haven't gone fishing in years. I should drag out the fishing gear one of these days and dust it off.