Friday, April 30, 2010

Wet and Wild Milestone

Ok, maybe not so wild, and only a little wet, but a Milestone none the less. This week I bought a specialty hose and put water in the campers tanks for the first time ever. What works: The water pump YEY (even shuts off when water pressure is built up, double YEY), kitchen sink (no leaks either side), toilet 2 stage fill and swirl, and the flush part both work, fresh, grey and black water level indicators on the control panel work YEY, pump switch on the control panel, both grey and black dump valves slide relatively easily and work as they should and the shower drain works as advertised.

The wet and wild (tribulation) part, there is a hose that attaches to the back of the Thetford toilet that is leaking where it attaches to the top back of the unit. This is where the fresh water actually enters the toilet. The line actually goes thru a hole in the floor of the bath/shower, which is not caulked shut so it dribbles on the ground. I need to somehow get this hose off, hopefully it is just a gasket. This looks like it could be a simple fix, we’ll see.

I have found no leaks internally to the plumbing system, Super YEY!!!

*********** Update ***************

I replaced the leaking line on the back of the toilet, only to discover that what appears to be a flapper valve type seal inside the toilet is not seating fully allowing the water to continue to run. I will seal the hole in the bottom of the floor/tray this will force the overflow to the drain and grey water tank. I don’t know if replacement parts are available for this old unit. Thetford is made in England but is the best RV toilet available. To change the seals I would have to remove the entire unit. There is no way to get any tools behind it to disassemble it.  I’ve priced a brand new one, $120 at, that may just be the way to go. Grrr I hate spending money, but it will fix it and I’ll be done with it.


  1. Been there & done that this past winter in AZ with the toilet. Had to keep a bucket under the hose. It got repaired but I can't remember what the valve was called. Hubby is sleeping so can't ask him at the moment. You'll get it! Love your pictures & tell Cheri she did a good job with getting you your gifts. Not every man would have laughed at "pink" flamingos! You're all right!

  2. Peggy, I don't know why my posts aren't posting on your site.